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Surprise of the Fools
Players interested in learning more about the second annual Surprise of the Fools Disc Golf Tournament, hosted by Hickory Hill Campground, should view this flyer, visit the webpage or should email us for more detailed information at The main event is scheduled to occur March 31 and April 1, 2007 in Bath, NY at the private course designed by Hank Foss and Pat Govang. Unlike traditional tournaments- where players arrive, compete and leave- this will be an entire weekend event with housing available on the course, delivered food and ample beverages. Arrive Friday evening and leave Sunday afternoon.

Part I- The Basics
What is Disc Golf? A game, and a competitive sport, enjoyed by tens of thousands of players around the world, and also a quietly growing phenomenon here in Corning, NY since 1988. 
Yes, but what is it? A fun, challenging game for all ages that is very similar to traditional golf: Disc golf players throw discs into baskets, whereas traditional golfers hit balls into holes. 
What is a "disc"? "Disc" is to "Frisbee" as "Facial Tissue" is to "Kleenex". Whammo and their Frisbee products drove initial development of disc golf, since that time dozens of other companies like Innova and DiscCraft have since grown in relevance, becoming the corporate drivers of the sport. There are literally dozens of different disc styles, hundreds of product lines, and a wide variety of manufacturing processes, materials and disc weights that represent a vast array of discs with which to play. 

Part II- Disc Golf at Denison Park in Corning, NY
Disc Golf has been played by the club founders in Denison Park since 1988. But it was not until the city purchased, and the club installed, the initial 9 baskets in 1993 that the sport truly landed in Corning. Since then thousands of players have enjoyed this small but challenging course. The course was bolstered again by the city of Corning in 1999, with their purchase, and club installation, of 9 permanent tee markers. Through fundraisers, tournaments and private donations, the Twenty Percenters raised sufficient funds to purchase and install 4 more baskets. Courtesy of the City of Corning, and the city's dedicated Parks and Recreation Department, we now have a full 18 basket course, as illustrated at right. We thank the City of Corning for their ongoing support of the sport and look forward to cooperating with them in future development of the course. The disc golf course at Denison Park is a great, living example of how private and public entities can work together to create vital community resources for the enjoyment of everybody.

Part III- Disc Golf in the Corning Community
Community involvement has been a consistent objective of the Club. Whether troubled teens, elementary school students from Gregg Elementary School, kids enrolled in the City's summer programs, or the Finger Lakes Expo, the Club is dedicated to heightening awareness of the sport throughout the community. Furthermore, over the years, the club has hosted hundreds of competitors at our various tournaments, many from out of town and thereby positively contributing the economic prosperity of our community. 

Part IV- Club Mission

  1. promote and facilitate a variety of disc golf programs at Dension Park in Corning, NY and in the larger Southern Tier;
  2. raise local awareness of this sport that is getting increasing attention around the world;
  3. enhance interaction and cooperation between City officials, residents, corporations, players, and the greater Corning area community
  4. raise money and to provide labor for the repair, maintenance, and upgrade of the Denison Park disc golf courses, as well as for the construction of new courses throughout the Southern Tier.

Part V- Future Initiatives
The following is a short summary, in approximate order of priority, of the Club's myriad near-term objectives:

  • Procure and install tee markers for those 9 new holes currently without markers
  • Using the Club's 9 temporary baskets, help promote disc golf in our neighboring communities, and to help highlight other parks, both public and private, where good disc golf courses could be installed.
  • Procure and install the final few discrete, low-profile cement tee pads (or flypads where appropriate) on three holes
  • Install a sign/message board where club events, a master map, and other information can be posted.
  • Work closely with the City of Corning and other concerned organizations, making sure that future development initiatives can be deployed in concert with the existing disc golf course

Part VI- Events
The Twenty Percenters host 5 events every year. Each event has its specific focus and purpose. 
They are listed in chronological order. 

  • Ice Bowl- Scheduled in early February, this event raises funds for the Food Bank of the Southern Tier, and touts the mantra "No Wimps, No Whiners" due to the traditionally intense weather. Though a fund-raiser, this is a fairly competitive event. Next Ice Bowl is scheduled for 02-10-07.
  • Surprise of the Fools- Scheduled in early April, this event takes the concept of "tournament" to a new level. Hosted by Hickory Hill Campground, on a dedicated disc golf course with an array of ammenities, this is a tournament like no other. Next two events are 03/31- 04/01, 2007 and Spring 2008.
  • Worlds Biggest Disc Golf Weekend- Typically known simply as "World's Biggest", this event occurs in May each year and is intended to help introduce the sport to new players. This is a non-competitive event that primarily attracts local citizens. Next event is May 6-7, 2006 and is tentatively scheduled in 2007 May 5-6.
  • Haunted Waters Fall Classic- Scheduled for the weekend after Halloween, this one-day event is the Club's primary tournament, consistently attracts players from throughout the northeast, and is highly competitive. The next Haunted Waters are scheduled for 11-04-06 and 11-03-07. 
  • Harley Miller Memorial- Named after renowned local player, Harley Miller, this unique event reminds us of the sport's humble roots, extraordinary affordability and accessibility to all people. 2004 was this annual tournament's first year. 12-10-06 and 12-09-07 are the upcoming Memorial tourneys. 

Part VII- Sponsorship
We welcome all business sponsors. In the past locally active companies like Wal-Mart have helped grow the game locally by contributing funds towards tournament events and development of the course. We want to thank the Steuben County Conference and Visitors Bureau for their support of disc golf throughout Steuben County. Businesses considering sponsorship should contact Hank Foss at 607-937-8153,

Part VIII- Regional Tournaments
Members of the Twenty Percenters will be competing around the region in a variety of tournaments, including tourneys in Rochester, Syracuse, Ithaca, Buffalo, Pittsburgh and other places. Disc golfers interested in joining us at these events are encouraged to contact us. 

Part IV - Contact Us
For more information on Disc Golf please contact the Club Founder:
Hank Foss, Course Pro and Club President, 607-937-8153,

Click here to learn more about the club.
Click here to learn more about the Syracuse club, here to learn more about the Ithaca club, and here to learn more about the Rochester club.
Visit to learn more about this rapidly growing sport through the governing body.
* Thanks to Harley for his observation that disc golf is 80% skill and 20% luck, hence the club name.

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